Vacation Lockers Terms and Conditions

Overview: Today, you will be asked to agree to become a Customer of Vacation Lockers, LLC. You will be asked to sign up for a Plan for the storage and delivery of your items. These items include carry-on bags, large bags, VL lockers, bins, duffel bags, ski/board bags, boot bags, loose pairs of ski boots, loose pairs of skis with poles, and/or snowboards. Your items will be defined as “items” below.

Oversize and overweight restrictions comply with OSHA and airlines restrictions.

Overweight items:  Items that weigh more than 50 pounds are considered overweight.  All items over 50 pounds will incur an excess weight fee in addition to the storage fee. We reserve the right to adjust charges after pickup if item is overweight.       

Small bags vs Large bags:   Any bag over 45 linear inches(L+W+D) will be classified as a large bag. We reserve the right to adjust charges after pickup if carry-on is larger than 45 linear inches.

Excessive size:  We reserve the right on an individual basis to add additional charges for excessive size.

Setup Fees: A one time $5 setup fee for each item stored entitle you to an ID tags and system setup.
It is recommended that ski, board or boot bags be used  to minimize loss or damage.

Storage Plans: As a Customer of Vacation Lockers, LLC you will also agree to purchase a Monthly, Limited Annual, or Annual Storage Plan. We do not have daily or hourly pricing. Our Monthly Plan
applies to all time frames of less than a month.

Storing Your Items: Vacation Lockers agrees to store your Items in a secure and climate controlled facility for you between your visits.

Use of Locker:  If you request, Vacation Lockers will provide a Locker bin at no cost (storage fees apply) for you to use during your plan.  There will be no delivery fee charged for initial drop off and end of contract return of the empty Locker.  You are responsible for reasonable care of the Locker when it is in your possession.  Locker must be returned in good condition at the end of the contract to avoid damage fees.

The Delivery and Pick-up Process: Customers provide Vacation Lockers with all the details of their upcoming visit(s) by email, text, or phone. A 24-hour notice for scheduling pick-up or deliveries is requested in most cases depending on our scheduling load.

Delivery: Prior to your scheduled arrival, we will retrieve your stored items from our warehouse and deliver it to the property you have selected. The items will be signed for and turned over to the front desk or bell stand, or property management company and signed for. For rental properties with no on-site staff, arrangements will be made ahead of time with the property management to ensure the items are secured until your arrival. Rental property policies will vary on availability of temporary storage before your arrival. We will do our very best to deal with these issues. Pick-Up: On your departure date, you will be responsible for turning the items over to the front desk or bell stand in preparation for our pick-up. For rental properties with no on-site staff, arrangements will be made ahead of time to ensure the items are secured after your departure and prior to our pick-up. Rental property policies will vary on availability of temporary storage after your departure. We will do our very best to deal with these issues.

Delivery Window:
We work with the hotels and property management companies so that we are picking up/delivering your items during their non-peak times. We therefore cannot guarantee a specific delivery time. If you are arriving earlier than your check in time and need your items early in the day, it must be mentioned in your scheduled delivery notes… Our delivery times are 7:30 AM TO 7:00 PM

Payment: All setup fees and plan fees are payable prior to your delivery/pickup date. Your plan starts the day your items are picked up and arrive at our warehouse. This becomes your Anniversary Date. All plans renew automatically on your Anniversary Date if not cancelled or upgraded. You will receive an invoice by email that can be paid by credit card.
Any payment for delivery/pickups will be charged to your credit card when scheduled. All deliveries not canceled 24 hours prior to the scheduled date will be charged the full rate. You will receive an invoice by email that can be paid by credit card.
It your responsibility to make sure that your credit card details are accurate and up to date.

By accepting this agreement, you are authorizing Vacation Lockers to charge your credit card for these payments.

Account Delinquencies: Deliveries will not be made on accounts with past due balances. All accounts with delinquencies of 60 days will be terminated and all stored contents will be given to a local charity.

Insurance/Liability: You are storing your personal items with Vacation Lockers LLC. While you can store almost anything you want, remember that there are limits on Vacation Locker’s liability for loss or damage to your contents. The arrangement between you and Vacation Lockers is called a bailment which means we take possession of your items and agree to exercise care when it is in our control. You agree that our liability is strictly limited to maximum $500 of contents per item. For our Ski/Board plans, you agree that our liability is strictly limited to a maximum of $500 for the repair or replacement value. We are not responsible for damage to items that are in your containers.  Our damage liability is limited to items stored in our Lockers only. If you are concerned about damage to your items, we suggest you put them in one of our Lockers. (provided at no charge-storage fee applies) Please note that our liability for the contents of your Locker and Skis/Boards applies only while these items are in our control. If your items are stolen or damaged from your car or your Resort, Hotel, Timeshare, or Vacation Rental, it is your responsibility, not ours. We suggest that you do not store ultra-valuable items with us.

If you feel that this is not sufficient coverage, it is your responsibility to secure additional coverage through your homeowner’s policy or other insurance. A regular homeowner’s policy should cover items stored with Vacation Lockers, LLC, but if you want more coverage, you should contact your insurance agent.

It is our policy not to open your items except in the case of an emergency. We highly respect your privacy and will only open anything when it is obvious that the contents are affecting or could result in damage to other Lockers, our warehouse or our staff. If this ever happens, we will notify you using the contact information listed in your account profile and you will agree to be responsible for any damage caused by the contents of your items.

Account Profile: It is your responsibility to keep your account information up to date and accurate. You must notify us of changes in address, phone number and e-mail address so we may contact you if necessary. Plan ahead. It makes sense.

Stored Item Content Restrictions: Items that should not be stored include but are not limited to: 1.) Perishables; 2.) drugs or other contraband, we cooperate fully with the police; 3.) Weapons or firearms; and 4.) Dangerous flammables (e.g. Gasoline, propane, solvents, oil based paints. Items of substantial value are not recommended. The rule of common sense applies.

Cancellation: If you do not need our services anymore, please contact us. When you let us know that you want to cancel, please specify whether you would like your items delivered to your Resort, Hotel, Timeshare, or Vacation Rental one last time or shipped to a specific address (shipping rates apply).  If you want a final delivery, make sure when you schedule a delivery you specify that it’s a final delivery. If you want your items shipped to you, email the address to us at Our lockers are available at cost and are approved for shipping.


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