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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have a lot of questions, so we have listed what we have been asked most so far.

If you can’t get your question(s) answered from this list, visit our contact page or give us a call at 435-640-3288 and we’ll be glad to help.


The Delivery and Pickup Process

Yes. We would appreciate if you do this. This helps us plan ahead and give you better service. Just call us at 435-640-3288 or send us a text message.

Yes. We usually deliver early in the morning and late at night depending on the policies of the hotels, resorts, or time-shares. If you are doing a vacation rental, we have to work with your rental agent. We will do all we can do to minimize your wait.

We would appreciate 24 hours’ notice. If we have delivered your items to your hotel, resort, time-share, or vacation rental, then we will pick-up your items and return them to our storage facility. You will be charged for this Delivery-Pickup. This will apply also if you just don’t show up. We have done everything as if you showed up. The simple solution is to plan ahead.

No. When you schedule a Delivery-Pickup, you can specify which items that you want us to deliver.

We usually deliver early in the morning on the day you arrive depending on how the Hotels, Resorts, or Time-Shares prefer this to be done. When your items arrive you will receive a text and/or e-mail notice. If you are doing a Vacation Rental, it will depend on the policy of your rental company and when the previous occupant is scheduled to check out.

It varies by location, but bell services is usually where you will find your items. We include detailed information with the front desk each time we make a delivery asking them to include a note with your reservation notifying you that you’re stored items have been delivered and where to find them. If you are doing a Vacation Rental, this will vary from one location to another.

Sorry. We do not have a full time employee at the warehouse in case a customer wants to pick up or drop off their items. We want to keep your costs down.

Give us a call at 435-640-3288 or email us so we can discuss possibilities for this.

Valet services is the first place to look, but it can vary from location to location. The Resort, Hotel, or Time-Share will be familiar with Vacation Lockers and will know where it should be stored until we pick it up. Ask the front desk. If you are doing a vacation rental, contact your agent.

This would be a good idea because the sooner your items are returned to our storage facility, the safer they will be. This will also help us on our scheduling for each day.

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Stored Items

Yes; but you’d should itemize them on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Vacation Lockers is always protective with your items when we have control over the situation. Please understand, that our liability is strictly limited to paying you a maximum of $500. We are NOT responsible when someone else should be. If anything happens to your items at your Resort, Hotel, Time-Share, or Vacation Rental, while it’s in your room or if you have it in your car and it’s broken into, we are not responsible. Most Resorts, Hotels, or Time-Shares have a locked storage room for their guests to store their items.

This would not be a good idea. Let them dry first.

Not really. You should ship it to the location that you are going to spend your vacation destination.

Sorry, we only open stored items if ordered by the police, or if the stored items in our Storage Facility are in danger.

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Oversized and Overweight Bags

Items that weigh more than 50 pounds are considered overweight. Items over 50 pounds will incur an excess weight fee in addition to the storage fee. Items are weighed each time they are placed in our warehouse. We reserve the right to adjust charges after pickup if item is overweight. n

Any small bag that is over 45 linear inches(L+W+D) will be classified as a large bag. All items are checked when they are placed in our warehouse. We reserve the right to adjust charges after pickup if a small bag is larger than 45 linear inches.

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Check with your homeowner’s policy. Most polices cover your valuables in your car, Resort, Hotel, Time-Share, Vacation Rental or storage facilities.

Yes, our warehouse facility, delivery cars and drivers are all insured. Please note that our liability is limited to a maximum of $500.

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