About Us

 We are family owned and operated

Our Story

Jimmy Buffett & Wine

The idea for this business came when Mark was working as an Assistant GM at the Hilton Sunrise Lodge and kept having hotel guests ask if there was any way they could leave their luggage at the hotel until they returned later in the ski season.  Since the hotel couldn’t be left with the liability, the answer was always no.

One evening soon after, we gathered together for a family dinner and the wine was flowing and the Jimmy Buffett was playing.  The plan was to finalize the details for our upcoming Hawaii vacation but we ended up talking about the idea for this business and Vacation Lockers was born.  We had hoped the business would do just enough to fund a great family vacation each year, but we have grown to be so much more.

We are glad so many of you have found our service to be a life saver.  We still stay true to our original idea and this business helps us guarantee a family vacation together once per year.

Not our First Rodeo

This isn’t our first family owned business adventure together.  We have owned several pizza and Italian restaurants in the mountains of North Carolina and even a  bird themed gift and feed store in Florida.  The family settled in Park City a few years ago and we know that our 3rd business adventure together will not only provide you with a great service, but will continue to keep the family tradition of owning and operating successful businesses.

We Grew by One

Soon after the idea for Vacation Lockers was born, Mark met and fell in love with Jessica.  They started as co-workers at the Hilton (Mark was technically her boss) and quickly realized they were meant to be much more.  Jessica has been a part of this business since the beginning and is now a proud member of the family and part owner as well.

If any of our customers happen to stay at the Hilton Sunrise Lodge or the Wyndham Park City,  mention Jessica and Mark and you’ll get some good conversations from the staff members we consider our old work family and closest friends.